Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Passing Parameters from ADF Task Flow with Fragments into ADF Bounded Task Flow

It is a common use case to pass parameters from ADF Task Flow with fragments into another ADF Task Flow without fragments. I got this question for my previous blog post - Parent Action Activity in ADF Task Flow. The use case:http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

1. We have ADF Bounded Task Flow, it contains two main elements - page P1 and another ADF Task Flow call - C1
2. Page P1 included ADF region, this region comes from ADF Task Flow with Fragments
3. We need to pass parameter from ADF region available in P1 into ADF Task Flow call C1

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project workspace download :ADFRegionNavigation2.zip

MySQL Unicode Datasource Problem

recently, I had problem about mysql database unicode on adf web application. In my table on mysql database table row is inserted to fine by unicode utf8 . but when insert new row to database from adf web application , unicode utf8 is not working. so i added follow connection string .


and you need to check follow steps.
1. go to menu Tools->Preferences Encoding select UTF8
2. check encoding of all type page

ADF Task Flow in JDeveloper 11g

In JDeveloper 10g there is only one possibility to design application page flow structure - using JSF navigation flows. But sometimes, use cases require to implement complex page flow, that is not supported by JSF navigation flows. JDeveloper 11g brings ADF task flows in addition to JSF navigation flows. From Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technology Preview, Fusion Developer's Guide for ADF:

Task flows provide a more modular and transactional approach to navigation and application control. Like standard JSF navigation flows, task flows mostly contain pages that will be viewed. However, instead of describing navigation between pages, task flows facilitate transitions between activities. Aside from navigation, task flow activities can also call methods on managed beans, evaluate an EL expression, or call another task flow, all without invoking a particular page. This facilitates reuse, as business logic can be invoked independently of the page being displayed.

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In developed sample application - ADFTaskFlow.zip

TrackQueryPerformed Property Usage and ADF Task Flows

I will describe following scenario - two ADF Task Flows, second ADF Task Flow is opened as Isolated. First ADF Task Flow provides query functionality implemented as View Criteria, and second ADF Task Flow accepts current row key value and allows to edit data. Scenario is pretty simple, and can be implemented in Oracle ADF very fast. However, there is one trick if you open second ADF Task Flow as Isolated. I will describe it and provide solution.

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project workspace download :TrackQueryPerformed.zip

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Communicating Between ADF Regions Without Contextual Events Framework

Download sample application - RegionCommunicationPPR.zip. This sample is based on two ADF Regions - one brings Employees table data, another - Employes form data. User can select data in the table, form in the second ADF Region will be refreshed automatically and will show synchronized data

PopUpFetch Option for Property Listener

With previous JDeveloper/ADF 11g releases it was quite complicated to catch popup fetch event, we were overriding popup fetch listener inside managed bean and processing it. Its a good hint, things are simpler now - there is popupFetch property with Set Property Listener component:click here detail read post

Download sample application - PopUpFetchListener.zip

Database Connection in ADF BC 11g

I started to dig more and I saw that Number type is displayed as oracle.jbo.domain.Number, usually it is shown just as Number:click here detail read post

project workspace download:DatabaseConnectionADFBC.zip

This is start

Hi All,
I'm java developer, few months ago, I started to study oracle technology about fusion middleware. I haven't enough experience for adf , jdeveloper, etc.But I wanna to share my just now learning knowledge to other people. I will post adf, jdeveloper, and other fusion middleware product's some knowledge. the post will contain video lesson, screenshot tutorials, examples.

Oracle Database 11g Installing and create database on windows

I decided i wanted to post oracle database 11g install on window os. My laptop is running on windows 64 bit. I made screenshot for each step. i inserted those screenshot the post. next time I will post some information to install oracle db 11g on linux and Windows and Linux oracle db GUI install type is almost same.

1. You need to download oracle database 11g set up. You can download here
2. Go to install folder. execute setup.exe.

3. If you want to update you check it or unckeck

4. select one from these three install options:
a. create database and install db software
b. only install database install
c. you can upgrade an existing database
select a option.

5. Select Desktop class option.

6.You will perform a basic installation with a starter database. Enter mydb for the Global Database Name and oracle for Database Password and Confirm Password. Then, click Next.

7. you do it if you want to save installation response file to disk .

8. now starting installation process.

9. while installing on windows these error message occurs but on linux os it is fine.

10. it is finish.

11. Listener configuration:

Parent Action Activity in ADF Task Flow

The problem is, that I have bounded ADF Task Flow, however main page is using region and this region can't see declared navigations from this ADF Task Flow: click here detail read post

project workspace download : ADFRegionNavigation.zip

Yes-No Check Box in Query Criteria

visit to here and show detail post.

Project workspace download here: YesNoSearchBox.zip

Default Value for Date Field in Query Criteria

the post will show how to search by date variable and set default date value into search input field.

you can read original post on http://andrejusb.blogspot.com/2010/02/default-value-for-date-field-in-query.html

Project workspace download link: DateSearch.zip

Navigation Between ADF Task Flow Template and Consuming ADF Task Flow

My first video turorial topic is: Navigation Between ADF Task Flow Template and Consuming ADF Task Flow. please visit original blog post on http://andrejusb.blogspot.com/2010/11/navigation-between-adf-task-http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifflow.html

Project workspace download: TaskFlowTemplate.zip

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