Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ADF Task Flow in JDeveloper 11g

In JDeveloper 10g there is only one possibility to design application page flow structure - using JSF navigation flows. But sometimes, use cases require to implement complex page flow, that is not supported by JSF navigation flows. JDeveloper 11g brings ADF task flows in addition to JSF navigation flows. From Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technology Preview, Fusion Developer's Guide for ADF:

Task flows provide a more modular and transactional approach to navigation and application control. Like standard JSF navigation flows, task flows mostly contain pages that will be viewed. However, instead of describing navigation between pages, task flows facilitate transitions between activities. Aside from navigation, task flow activities can also call methods on managed beans, evaluate an EL expression, or call another task flow, all without invoking a particular page. This facilitates reuse, as business logic can be invoked independently of the page being displayed.

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In developed sample application - ADFTaskFlow.zip

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