Friday, February 24, 2012

Establish a DBAdapter Deployment Plan Directory

In my previous post here. I posted about JCA adapter service. The below picture:

What mean JNDI name?
I get service datas from Hr schema. The first I need to create Hr Data Source in weblogic. here How to create Data source in weblogic 11g console.

Create an Outbound Connection Pool
1. Click Deployments in Domain Structure pane.

2. Click DBadapter in Summary of Deployments pane.
3. Click Configuration -> Outbound Connection Pools tab.
4. Click New button.

5.Select javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory and click Next.

6. Enter JNDI Name: eis/DB/HrDS

Click finish.

7. Assign Data Source to Connection Pool
a. Click newly created outbound connection pool. eis/DB/HrDS

b. Click properties tab and enter xADataSourceName. Insert jdbc/HrDS value.

8. Redeploy DbAdapter.
select DbAdapter from deployments. Click Update button then select Redeploy this application using the following deployment files. click finish

select DbAdapter from deployments. select Start dropdown and select Servicing all requests.

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