Monday, November 28, 2011

Install Oracle JDevevoper

In this post, I will explain how to install oracle jdeveloper tools on windows and linux os. which is almost same way.
1. first of all you must download jdeveloper installer from here.
2. click the exe installer file

3. click next.

4. choose oracle middleware home. if you have already oracle home which is show on and didn't have select create new middleware home.

5. click next

6. Installation process will install the following software products
JDeveloper and ADF
Weblogic Server

7. choose JDK

If you had already installed jdk, you can set the jdk location. if not new jdk will install on your oracle home.
8. click next

9. click next.

here you can insert Node manager port. Default value is 5556. if select YES nodemanager automatically runs when start OS

10. starting install
11. Installation Summary

that's finish

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